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Providing Business to Business (B2B) Outbound Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is a tried and tested method of getting your service or product to potential customers (or existing customers). Outsourced telemarketing is more cost and time effective, allowing you to reap the benefits of continuous sales opportunities without distracting you from your core business.

Spear Telemarketing Ltd conducts professional, productive telemarketing campaigns which yield better results and costs you less than a project using your own staff. Marketing your expertise is our business and our main goal is to ensure your telemarketing campaign is a success and fulfils your marketing objectives.

We believe strongly in getting to know your company and the needs of your customers, this allows us to deliver a tailored campaign in line with your business values and objectives.

Please use the links below to discover more about the outbound telemarketing services we offer.  

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation - Appointment setting for your reps, identifying potential customers, raising awareness of your product/services, identifying immediate or planned purchases etc.

The Follow Up - Using follow up calls is a powerful and effective way to make the most of your direct mail or email marketing. Let Spear Telemarketing Ltd maximise your ROI.

Satisfaction Surveys - Reinforce positive experiences and exploit potential sales opportunities. Reverse bad product or company image and gain customer loyalty.

Customer Reactivation - We can use your current and lapsed customer data to effectively reconnect with and reactivate your dormant customers.

Current Customer Sales - Existing customers are much more easily converted because you don’t need to convince them of your expertise, reputation or benefits. Spear Telemarketing Ltd can manage your customer database to ensure maximum opportunities.

Customer Updates - Have you moved? Got a new website? Are you now e-commerce enabled? Spear Telemarketing Ltd can bring your customers up to date and market new products and services while we have them on the phone.

Promotions - If you distribute products through multiple channels, regular contact with distributors or resellers has many benefits. Spear Telemarketing Ltd keeps you at the forefront of your distributors minds.

Data Cleansing/ Enhancing - We update your customer database, removing duplicates, updating addresses and obtaining email addresses/permissions for DPA (Data Protection Act) compliance, direct mail campaigns etc.

Events Attendance - Use Spear Telemarketing Ltd to raise awareness of your event and confirm attendees.

Recording and Reporting - With every service we provide we will gather and record all feedback, whether it's good or bad, and report it back to you in a useable way.