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Telemarketing is a powerful tool that gets you in touch with customers (potential or existing) and establishes a connection which allows you to;

  • Gauge customer interest immediately.
  • Ask questions to assess needs and timescales.
  • Build relationships with potential customers.
  • Build your database.
  • Enhance your database.
  • Generate leads and appointments.
  • Follow up responses to direct mail campaigns.
  • Keep in touch with customers.
  • Renew relationships with past customers.
  • Find out about industry developments and competitor activities. name a few.

At Spear Telemarketing Ltd we maximise the potential of that connection.

We specialise in flexible professional telemarketing.

This means we;

  • Provide bespoke telemarketing campaigns.
  • Can design effective campaigns to suit all budgets and objectives.
  • Have clear, up front pricing.
  • Provide you with a dedicated campaign manager.
  • Design you a bespoke database with tailored fields.
  • Provide feedback and reporting with tailored key performance indicators.

If you want to discuss how telemarketing can help your business, give us a call on 01484 604850.