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Data; sourcing/ cleansing/ enhancing

Business data decays rapidly, people leave, join, get promoted etc which makes your data less and less valuable, and that’s without the common issues of duplication, spelling errors and input errors (to name a few). We can (and will) improve your data. 

We gather contact details of current decision makers, find out if they are email responsive or prefer hardcopy, obtain email addresses, find which site they are based at, if they take calls etc.

We can also enhance your data with information such as CTPS registration and whether the prospect has a current or future need for your services or products.

Without cleansed and enhanced data before a direct marketing campaign you could be literally throwing hundreds or thousands of pounds straight in the bin. If you have an incorrect address, it won't get to the right person, neither will information sent to those who have retired or deceased.  Incorrectly spelt contact names look unprofessional, and sending information to job titles lacks ‘the connection’.  When we return your data you can begin your marketing campaign with the confidence that what you send will get to the right person.

If you don't have data to start a campaign with?

Don't worry, Spear Telemarketing Ltd has its own lists for rental and we are happy to source data on your behalf.

Call us to discuss your data needs on 01484 604850