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Cross sell/ upsell

Existing customers are much more easily converted because you don’t need to convince them of your expertise, reputation or benefits.

Why use a telemarketing company rather than in house staff?

The same reason you outsource anything, it's more cost effective. Have your staff getting on with the jobs they do well and we’ll get on with the job we do well, marketing your expertise.  

With an existing customer, you can use us to offer extended service, upgrades and further features on something they’ve already bought, or offer them a completely new product or service.  If the existing customer is happy with what they bought from you in the past, they are more likely to buy again.

If they aren’t happy with what they have bought from you in the past? Well, we’ll have covered that with you beforehand and be ready to record their feedback and implement the actions we have agreed with you. Whether that means we engage your customer service team or we set up a meeting so you can cover what’s not working for them.

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