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"We have been using the appointment booking services from Spear Telemarketing for the last 13 months, during this time we have been impressed with the number and quality of leads provided, as a result we have dispensed with our internal telesales department, and we now rely on Spear to deliver all of our new business appointments."

Mr. A Mills (MD) Seal Team Systems Ltd


"Having used Telemarketing companies previously I was a little reluctant to engage the services of yet "another", however Spear Telemarketing impressed me with their professionalism and commitment to understanding our business and objectives from the start.
The team at Spear Telemarketing have worked consistently for us over a three month period and delivered on their promises to deliver appointments for our sales team. I would not hesitate to use Spear Telemarketing again in the future".

Martine Jagger, Marketing Communications Manager, Klüber Lubrication Great Britain Ltd.


A Big thumbs up to the Spear Team!

As a relatively young company we had always struggled to work out how to best promote our business. In early 2014 we implemented an new ‘trading as’ name to our company in order to make the name sound more relevant in our market. After the big re-brand we needed to decide on how to best promote the new trading name. 

We were very ‘sketchy’ of the telemarketing industry, mainly because other business partners had told us of their negative experiences. The part of the business we were looking to promote is very niche in the healthcare industry, so the last thing we wanted was someone making ‘cold’ calls with the double glazing sales approach.

Luckily after many hours scouring the internet we managed to find Spear Telemarketing Ltd.  After our first discussion with Alan & Lyndsay, as we are local, they decided that it would be best for them to come and visit us in order to learn about what we did, which included them watching our engineers in the workshop & taking notes etc in order for them to work out a telemarketing strategy & also to learn the process so they could detail the advantages to new prospective clients.
This was very re-assuring for us that someone was willing to learn in-depth details before attempting to promote.

It soon became evident that we & the Spear team had exactly the same thoughts when it came to telemarketing – I wanted the marketing person to introduce themselves as part of our organisation & spend time to talk to our prospective customer. Both parties were most comfortable with this approach, volume calls are not what we wanted we wanted quality relationship building calls. We wanted to gain a positive reputation, which with Spear’s help we are doing. 

Soon after the beginning of the project, Lyndsay & her team were managing to find the right people to talk to (which is extremely hard when it comes to Healthcare). Soon after came appointment settings, meetings & bookings for trial works. In the past 6 months our company as grown in strength & most importantly our trading name has been marketed enough for people around the country to recognise who we are & what we do. The biggest majority of this is all in thanks to the Spear Telemarketing team.

I would just like to say a huge Thank you to the Spear team – Especially Alan & Lyndsay. Needless to say we will be using them for the foreseeable future & recommending them to other people, Thanks guys!  

Dean Swift. Managing Director of Carequip


"Tamo has used Spear Telemarketing Ltd for the last 2 years. They understand what we require and do what we require in a professional way. They produce results that meet our expectations."

Robin Moses, General Manager, Tamo Ltd


"Spear have been great for Kirkgate Engineering. Whoever we have met at a potential customers [appointment] has been the decision maker!!"

Mark Fox, Managing Director of Kirkgate Engineering Ltd


"We tried and tested several telemarketers and without question Lyndsay showed us how a professional telemarketing campaign should be run. Her organisational skills, methodical approach are second to none and this combined with her excellent feedback and communications meant we very quickly felt comfortable with her representing our business.

The results have been great..(I guess we knew they would be). Appointments booked others scheduled….All are qualified and our expectations are to turn the majority of these into new customers…

We certainly look forward to working with Spear again very soon!!"

Adrian Baker of AiR Auto iD Resource Limited


Associated Plastics Services (UK) Ltd said "We were finding ourselves busy doing the job and the job of keeping in touch with our past customers and looking for new customers was getting put to the bottom of the to do list. We engaged Spear Telemarketing Ltd to re-contact our past customers. Straight away we were impressed with how easy it is to do business with Spear Telemarketing. They are focused on the customer, they listened to our needs and added to the discussion working with us to determine the best strategy for our business.  They were clear in the communication with us and quickly moved from planning to implementation. Once they were calling on our behalf appointments were made, new contacts updated and again they kept us informed at all times. We got new business from working with Spear Telemarketing and what more can we say except we have ordered a new campaign with them."

  Feel free to contact Adi or Sherrie on 01757 288240 or visit our website here for further info on us." 


‘Spear Telemarketing Ltd were perfect for my requirements and having the right industry knowledge for my product made the process that much easier. They delivered a very efficient and professional service and I will be using them again in the future.'

Larry Weller, MD of Alarmscom


"Spear have done an excellent job for us, well organised, proactive and hard working. We have been very pleased with the results of the telemarketing, Spear set a Face to Face appointment with over 20% of the records we supplied."

Nicola Cameron, Head of Consumer Products for Scotmas


‘I was happy with the amount of appointments and leads they generated for me from our contact list. I also have a wealth of feedback and more leads to follow up.

I intend to use Spear Telemarketing in the future to help me generate more business.’ - Kevin Morrison, MD of NMPT Ltd